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Shelter to Soldier


We bring post-9/11 combat veterans together with trained, rescue dogs to help both recover and move forward.

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Ben + Tank

I just wanted to let the STS team know again how much Tank has really saved me. On numerous occasions, Tank has sensed my anxiety in class and has redirected me to gather myself and return at the appropriate times. Thank you again for the unforgettable love Tank has given me.”

James + Tyberius

“Graham, thank you for what you are doing for me and other fellow combat veterans sir. You have a special place in heaven saved for you sir. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us sir, I seriously think Ty saved my life.

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"Saving Lives, Two at a Time", our organization helps adopt dogs from rescues and helps save veterans from the perils of mental injury associated with traumatic combat experiences. We know that the healing impact that a highly trained service dog provides for psychological treatment in this population improves their overall quality of life, relationships, confidence, and sense of security. Our service dogs help these veterans integrate back into society and find their purpose, often for the first time since their military service.

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    Every 69 minutes A US Veteran commits suicide

    20 Veterans and 1 Active Duty military personnel commit suicide, every day. They sacrificed everything to protect our freedom, and it’s our turn to give back to them.

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    Every Day 3200 dogs are euthanized nationwide

    We rescue dogs that are better suited for a life with a job or may otherwise be overlooked, providing them a future with a purpose and a life that is fulfilled by their bond with a veteran in need.